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You Walked By lyrics © Clint Black

Song Lyrics : You Walked By lyrics.

Artist : Clint Black.

You walked by
Ust like you don't know
Me you walked by
Maybe just to show me
That you're
Walkin' by passin' up
Your last chance with me
And I wish I hadn't been
Here to see

You don't cry
Not for this heart breaker
You won't cry
You've found a new
Love maker
And he's makin' you
Forget the love you used
To have for me
And that's one thing I
Wish I hadn't lived to see

When you see me you turn
Your head away at the sight
I can't turn it back cryin'
Out in broad daylight
You've passed my way a
Hundred times now it's
Too plain to see
You locked me out and
Threw away the key

Repeat chorus

You walked by and I
Don't know why

Clint BlackYou Walked By lyrics

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