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Singing With The Saints lyrics © Bill Gaither

Song Lyrics : Singing With The Saints lyrics.

Artist : Bill Gaither.

Heaven's gettn' ready for an end it all celebration
To begin eternity
With a righteous congregation,
This world's comin' to an end
And it won't be long;
The party's gonna' start
And go on and on and on

I'll be singin' with the saints
At the morning light,
Ringin' in the day
'Cause there is no night.

Sayin' goodbye to the heartache,
Trouble and pain,
I'll be sittin' at the throne
With an angel band,
Shoutin' hallelujah
To the great I Am
If you think it's a dream,
Well, it ain't.

I'll be singin' with the saints.
The tambourine's ringin'
And David starts to feel the rhythm.
Paul and Silas are hummin' a tune
They wrote in prison.

Well, Gabriel hears the music
And he picks up his horn;
It's just another glory, hallelujah morn.

Repeat chorus (3 times)

Bill GaitherSinging With The Saints lyrics

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