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Is This Happiness lyrics © Lana Del Rey

Song Lyrics : Is This Happiness lyrics.

Artist : Lana Del Rey.

I've been to Hollywood hills taking violet
Pills writing all of my songs about with cheap friends
You're a hard man to loving on
A hard woman to keep track of
You like to rage don't do that
You want your way You make me so mad
Got your gun I've gon' my day

Is this happiness? [x4]

I've been in Hollywood Hills scorching valley
Pills you've been trying to write a novel
'Bout your cheap fails
You think you want the race
But soon I think you're fucking crazy as day is long
Man to man heart to heart
I love you but you drive me so far
Wish you well I'm that star

Is this happiness? [x4]

Which day is on
Which day is on
One gun on, don't take boy
Hands short if
Your rainbow

Is this happiness? [x4]

Lana Del ReyIs This Happiness lyrics

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