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Eyes Of The Heart (Radio's Song) lyrics © India Arie

Song Lyrics : Eyes Of The Heart (Radio's Song) lyrics.

Artist : India Arie.

Close your eyes, the light of love will lead the way.
In the eyes of a child were all the same, and we are all
Gods children the logic is so simple.
The one you call stranger is really your brother.

Love don't start with the eyes it startes with the eyes yeah.
Look deep down inside.
You know that you have a chance to make a choice to make
A change so make the choice to lok with the eyes of your heart.

No, I don't mean to preach.
Some may say that it's unrealitic cause none of us is perfect.
But the way that I see it what if you just tryed this world through diffrnt eyes.
You'll see what is done to me is done to you we're all one humanatiy.

India ArieEyes Of The Heart (Radio's Song) lyrics

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