Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dear Molly lyrics © Zydepunks

Song Lyrics : Dear Molly lyrics.

Artist : Zydepunks.

Dear Molly how ya been?
Are you in Dallas, or back in Lafayette?
Thanks for the dance, thanks for the gin
My old friend

Did we ever walk down Saint Claude
Was it you I saw at Markey's Bar?
Did we ever share a night at Vaughan's?
Did we ever walk the levee walls?
Yeah we were there and we'll be back
My old friend.

Now, the dreams take me home
Far from dirty towns I roam
Dreams of fear, dreams of hope,
Dreams of faces that I know

Down on Burgundy men pass me by
Is it fear or is it murder in their eyes
Don't tell me this is the end
We've been through worse and we'll be back again
We'll have a drink for each other
In the 9th Ward

ZydepunksDear Molly lyrics

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