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Daddy's Home Remix lyrics © Usher

Song Lyrics : Daddy's Home Remix lyrics.

Artist : Usher.

I just wonna get your attetion
I really wonna be all up in your head
Cause wat I got you gone wonna get some. yeah
But girl datz only if you aint scared

And I won't knock.or ring no bells
You just float dhat bottom up in the air
I'll get you hot, I know you oh so well
And when I walk in all that I wanna hear

Is you say Daddy's home, home for me
And I know you've been waiting for this loving all day
You know your daddy's home (daddy's home),
And it's time to play (so it's time to play)
So you ain't got to give my loving away
So all my ladies say hey hey.hey daddy
Hey hey.hey daddy
So all my ladies say hey hey.hey daddy
Hey hey.hey daddy

I ain't gotta do a lot of flexin
Shorty you already know what it is
And girl tonight we gonna do a lot of sexin
Can't nobody do your body like this.oohh



Boy I noticed dhat you was watchin me
And I want to put this thing n you
Ooh boy tonight I wanna make you my baby daddy
Boy come over here let me put this on you



UsherDaddy's Home Remix lyrics

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